Student users’ rely on various channels for product related information. Through consumer referrals from family and friends, advertisements and periodicals consumers are provided with a myriad of avenues they can consult before making informed buying choices. Whenever consumers get market insights from credible and authoritative sources this intensifies their ability to spend since they not only feel confident but also courageous to part with cash. Users who use e-commerce platforms make use of consumer reviews left by consumers of such platforms in real time. It feels great spend on products that past users are proud about.

Reviews offer a totally new dimension as they break down experiences of past users by explaining their experience of goods and providers. However, essay writing providers do not offer reviews to their users mainly because they are small or they prefer privacy of their users’ to anything else. At our interest is to protect users who buy online essays.

Students as consumers on essay companies

Students are the main purpose custom essay companies are in business; most of them throng these sites for term papers, essay, lab report, research proposals or admission essays and so on. Students part with money in order to secure services of writing companies, papers and money often change hands at a greed price. In order to get best providers with affordable rates students need to do research and engage reviews on different sites to better their chances of hiring the best before staking their money. Reviews enable students to avoid bad hiring decisions while making sound purchasing choices.

Why review essay writing companies

As it is now apparent essay writing sector lacks adequate regulation this makes it easier for fraudsters to launch and blend with legit providers therefore injuring hopes of student users. Not all essay providers have students’ best interest at heart; there have been instances where unscrupulous providers have vanished with students’ money.

Students’ need help and protection when sourcing for writing companies online. Consumer reviews play a major role since they make it a little easier for students to identify a genuine provider. Good thing is that with reviews is that one banks on past users sound choices and not personal trial and error. Reviews have been lauded to increase chances of successful purchases and I don’t see the reason why essay companies should refrain from reviews.

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How works

Review sites rely on real past users as well as professionals to gain insights on how various providers work. Lastly, a summarized report is published to enable student users’ make right buying choices.